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10% discount on all orders of 4 items or more
10% discount on all orders of 4 items or more

About us

WheelRoom is a ceramics design studio producing high-end porcelain artifacts of contemporary aesthetics.

The studio is based in Tel-Aviv and run by artists Ayelet Eliav and Uri Shapira.



Both artists contribute their own initiatives and perspectives into the collection. Uri explores experimental procedures in the fields of ceramic technology, molds and slip casting. He encourages natural processes that occur within his materials, thus leaving the works to develop spontaneously. Ayelet is a sculptor who mastered the art of modeling precise forms using either the potter’s wheel or free hand building. She constantly focuses on expanding the boundaries of coloring and painting possibilities.

Together they investigate and develop new creative techniques and push the potential of their materials to freely become unique visual experiences.

The couple, Uri and Ayelet, graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem in 2008.

WheelRoom studio also runs an ongoing student workshop, focused on teaching and practicing all ceramics techniques and carrying out personal projects.