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Bright arctic round cup

180.00 NIS
The Twilight Lab series is the fruit of extensive research based on slow evaporation of complex salts solutions over time.
Nature is an active partner in the design. The works are attained by chance and affected by many variables, such as direction of sun light, a sudden wind blow, bursting energy of the salts, rise in humidity, and so on.
The technique yields organic and abstract patterns that vary significantly from piece to piece.
The round cup is based on a roly-poly toy. It’s a playful cup that swings but doesn’t spill easily due to its heavy center. It works best with alcoholic beverages.
  • Slip cast porcelain.
  • Inner side is glazed shiny clear. Outside is hand-polished to satin matte smoothness.
  • Approximate dimensions: height 7.5cm/2.9”, width 9cm/3.5”, holds 220ml/7.5oz.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Slight irregularities in shape or color may occur due to the artisanal nature of the product.
  • Filling the cup only to its half is recommended.

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