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Peckii planter, pink-burgundy

200.00 NIS
Peckii series was originally inspired by a beautiful fungus named Hydnellum peckii (the dragon tooth).
Surface is decorated with liquid droplets of opaque glass that appear to exude from the upper surface. The pattern is unique, there are no two pieces alike.
Each piece is pinched by hand to get its own personality.
  • Slip cast porcelain.
  • Inner side is glazed shiny clear. Outside is hand-polished to satin matte smoothness.
  • Approximate dimensions: height 6.5cm/2.6”, width 11.5cm/4.5” (at widest), holds 280ml/9.5oz.
  • Slight irregularities in shape or color may occur due to the artisanal nature of the product.

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