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“Scene” installation was live for two months in 2012 as part of "Donkey" group exhibition, curated by Revital Ben-Asher Peretz.

The whole gallery space at “benyamini” center was tightly stuffed with a landscape of salts crystallization, emerging day by day from paper mache ground, seeking to expand but remains trapped within the gallery walls.


Can You See The Grass?

My final project at Bezalel Academy, displayed in 2008, was an illustration of a fictional place in which “Vancouver Algae” was uncovered.

The shining-yellow chemical alga has been sucking on fluorescent fluids, growing daily at an invisible pace, sprawling along in a parasitic manner, gradually blocking the walking paths around it, climbing up the walls and leaking through to surrounding spaces.

As an inorganic growth the alga did not possess reproduction abilities of itself, thus it depended absolutely on its creator to perform daily gardening and watering routines over the show’s duration.


Slums Goldrush

On my solo show at "hahanut" gallery, I made use of the given display window facing the street, turning it into a temporary aquarium, hosting an alchemical teasing wonder: a bush of faked gold, growing within dynamic orange liquid.

The work was planted before the show's opening, and left to be formed by itself over the course of a few weeks.



Kingdom: Inanimate
Division: Metals
Class: Plant-like
Order: Saltivores
Family: Copper-suckers
Genus: Ruddies
Species: Balancing ruddy

*According to the fringe taxonomy of mineral world

The installation took place at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in 2012.

Alongside a great engineering challenge, growth chambers of giant dimensions have been built on-site over the panoramic museum windows. They were then planted with metal seeds and triggered to run; flowering patterns were composed on their own throughout the exhibition period, turning the windows into active vitrage pieces.


The Light Seeker

A solo show displayed at the Jerusalem artist house, curated by Eran Ehrlich.

A panoramic c-print of a field is stretched out along the gallery's 9 meters wall. Made by stitching hundreds of macro frames, shot while growth was in progress, the image captures a piece of time along with the physical space.

In front, a chaotic dumb mass about one meter square is laid upon the wooden floor. A mysterious form of table sugar, treated with acid and transformed in a sudden action accompanied by sour-etching smoke.

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