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Video and Time-Lapse

Video and Time-Lapse

Dark Bobo Timelapse

Bobo Beasts are exceptional inanimate creatures, brought forth by chemical reactions. they breath heavily, and programmed to make the journey up to meet the surface, where they get contaminated by the cold air and perish. They grow different each time so one can never foresee their upcoming looks; a Bobo planting could result in various body shapes, colors and durability, or often at nothing at all.

The time-lapse exhibits one possible formation-scenario of those beasts. It was shot by a stills camera every two minutes, over a period of 6 days.


Classic Savannah Timelapse

Classic Savannahs are delicate, metal panoramic-growths, flourish along the horizon. They were my very first inanimate living environments to be fully domesticated and trained. Time-lapse was shot by a stills camera every 5 minutes over a week..


Introducing The Quiver Weed

Roleplaying a nature documentary, the video follows the Quiver Weed at its glamorous time. The subject appears as an active furry rag of lead. It's known to grow rapidly to cover any available land, deeply concealed by a milky mist that clears out only once maturity is reached. This fresh rag then wiggles and bubbles restlessly by its self-made currents, gradually shakes off its solid form, turns pale, and collapses flat.

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